IT Essentials

IT Essentials covers fundamental computer and career skills for entry-level IT jobs. The IT Essentials course includes hands-on labs that provide practical experience to prepare you for enterprise networking. Simulation tools help you hone your troubleshooting skills and practice what you learn.
Develop working knowledge of how computers and mobile devices operate. Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities like malware, phishing, spoofing and social engineering. Apply skills and procedures to install, configure, and troubleshoot computers, mobile devices, and software. Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills using both real equipment and Cisco Packet Tracer, a network configuration simulation tool. Get immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and tests. Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.

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CPA: Programming Essentials in C++

In partnership with the C++ Institute, C++ Programming offers a 2-course series that introduces beginners to the basics of C++ programming and then extends to advanced C++ topics such as templates and the Standard Template Library. The C++ language is used in many different applications including developing games, creating high-performance embedded and real-time systems, applications with graphic libraries, communications with network devices, computer network simulators as well as remote device and network management systems.
The first course CPA: Programming Essentials in C++ covers basic C++ programming skills and object-oriented programming while introducing universal computer programming concepts. Learn to write your own computer programs using one of the most popular programming languages, and prepare for the C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification (CPA).

Learn the syntax, semantics, and basic data type of C++.Understand the principles of the object-oriented model and l…

CLA: Programming Essentials in C

CLA: Programming Essentials in C is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of programming, who want to learn programming fundamentals. Despite the prevalence of higher-level languages, the C programming language continues to be a popular yet powerful language, used to build operating systems and tens of thousands of applications. The C Programming language is an excellent language to learn as it is the backbone for a number of other languages--C++, Java, and Python all leverage basic features from C.

Understand common computer programming conceptsLearn the syntax, semantics and basic data types of CApply your programming skills using hands-on lab activities and by writing your own programsDevelop logic-building skills and algorithmic thinkingGet immediate feedback on your work through built-in quizzes and testsConnect with the global Cisco Networking Academy communityLanguages: English

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Programming Essentials in Python Course Overview

Python is a general-purpose programming language used to build just about anything.  Python is key for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and scientific computing, all of which are key for pursuing IT careers.

With PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python you learn to design, write, debug, and run programs encoded in the Python language.  No prior programming knowledge is required.  The course begins with the very basics guiding you step by step until you become adept at solving more complex problems.

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

Develop a working knowledge for how computers operate and how computer programs are executed.

Evolve critical thinking and problem-solving skills using an algorithmic approach.

Learn about the the programmer’s role in the software development process.

Translate real-world issues into computer-solvable problems.

The 70-hour, course includes hands-on practice acti…